Phil’s Tip of the Week

Salesforce MVP

I have been very happy and privileged this week, as have presented me with an MVP Award. This was only announced yesterday, and already I have been overwhelmed with messages and tweets, so thank you to you all. I am sure that a big part of this award was down to this Blog, so I also want to thank every one of you for reading, clicking, replying, commenting, etc, that is what has kept me going and kept me motivated.

So before I turn into Gwyneth Paltrow at the Oscar ceremonies, here is a link to the announcement from Salesforce on their main blog (btw, you should subscribe to this also if you have not done already!). And so I don’t start blubbering, lets keep this weeks Tips short and sweet…

Tip #1 – Some new books!
I have mentioned in the past that with all the resource available online, sometimes it makes a nice change to pick up a book! Here are 2 new ones that are worth a look:
The Salesforce CRM Admin Cookbook by Paul Goodey
Keir Bowden’s Visualforce Development Cookbook

Tip #2 – Spring 14 highlights videos

Here is a link to some videos detailing the Spring 14 release features.

Tip #3 – Accept your award like Father Ted!
For British comedy fans, here is an excuse to post some ‘Father Ted’. Thank you all!