Happy New Year everyone!

Tip #1 – 125th Appexchange Review
A recent post on the forums made me notice that 0.5% of the Appexchange reviews…are written by ME!? (Shame on you all). So as I now reach my landmark 125th Review, here are some of my favourites that I have installed, used, and reviewed.
In no particular order, here is my latest Top Ten Apps:

Object Converter – Automatically Convert a Record from any object to any object
Former Positions –  A simple solution to a common CRM issue…what should you do when you a Contact moves from one Account to another?
AppExchange Dashboard Pack . Need some useful reports and dashboards to get you started?
Field trip . Know which of your fields have been populated (if ever!), to clean up your config and delete fields that are never used.
Multiple web 2 lead –  is a free App which enables you to get around the standard limit of one web-to-lead configuration, very useful.
NonProfit Starter Pack – Most non-profit organisations that come to Salesforce will consider the NonProfit Starter Pack, so it is well worth a look. Many charities will install this app then never tweak Salesforce again, but if you have some time and resource then you can just use some of it, or parts of the NFP suite of Apps.
Unique Entry. Realtime de-dupe tool, it will seek and display possible duplicates as you type. One of the few paid apps which regularly forces its way into my Top Ten.
Popup Alerts. A good way to alert a user of some important information, every time they view a particular record.
Quote of the Day – Give your motivation a kick start each morning when you log in and look at today’s quote
User Field History Tracking – To set up field history tracking for the User object.

Tip #2 – 8 pieces of practical advice for starting your Salesforce.com Career
Here is a great Blog post from Steven Herod from Cloud Sherpas in Sydney, Australia. Steven is a ‘Certified Everything’ Salesforce MVP, so its safe to say he has a good knowledge of these things!

Tip #3 – Video of the week – Top 10 Salesforce Admin Hacks
Here is a great session from Dreamforce 13 from Michael Farrington and Jarrod Kingston, which may help you find a way around some Salesforce obstacles that you have faced.