I hope you are enjoying (or enjoyed) your Christmas break! As we prepare to move into 2014, I realise it will be my 10th Year of using/Administrating/managing Salesforce projects. Hopefully I have learnt a few tricks over the years, and I am more than happy to share them with you all. I always welcome your feedback, and your suggestions about new topics, functions, and apps to discuss on the blog, so keep them coming!

Tip #1 – Is Marty McFly on TV over the holidays?
We know that Parker Harris is a fan, but now you can also go back to the future and read my weekly Tips from Sept 2012 onwards. I have now added them all to this part of my website, so you can check back and search for what you missed.

Tip #2 Free App(s) of the week – Internet Creations

It looks like my Christmas holidays may be partly taken up by reviewing more Apps. I noticed this page on the Internet Creations website. They gave me free craft beer from Thirsty Bear brewery at DF13, and now they offer 6 free Apps. Whats not to love! Take a look to see if any suit you, and I will work my way through them too.

Tip #3 Salesforce Blog post of the week
This is a coincidence, and NOT related to the free beer previously mentioned, but I saw this post from Chris Ferraro on the Salesforce Blog, and it turns out he is also from Internet Creations. However, the reason for adding it is because it is interesting, relevant, geeky, and festive! Take a look here at how he found a way to use the ‘internet of things’ to control his Christmas lights!

Thanks for your readership and company in 2013, here’s to an equally successful 2014!