Tip #1 – Did you ever notice…

There are a number of reasons why I would strongly recommend people using the Answers forum! Whether you are asking questions or answering them, you can still pick up some knowledge and experience. I was answering some questions on the blog this week, and noticed an answer from Deepak K Anand from Kerala which caught my eye.
Did you ever notice that some strange things happen in the url…
I have blogged about this in the past, but had not spotted that this part of the url changes dependent on the report criteria. Deepak pointed this out as a great resolution to a community members question, and showed that it could be used to there advantage by turning it into a custom button.


Report criteria urls 2

Report criteria urls

So I could for example have a Report with the URL

https://na5.salesforce.com/00O70000004DWL8 where the City criteria is blank.
If I manually edited the URL to
https://na5.salesforce.com/00O70000004DWL8?pv1=Manchester it would only show the results where the City is Manchester.
Useful, or boring, knowledge is power, do with it what you will!
I hope to hear more from Deepak in the near future!
(Here is the link to the Answer on the Blog)


Tip #2 App of the week – SMS Apps
Its not for everyone, but marketing via text messaging is still big business, and guess what, theres a Salesforce App for it! In fact there are several. The model tends to be similar to the Mass Email models Apps, in that the App is often free then you pay for SMS/Mail credits. If you are looking into SMS marketing, decide which Salesforce objects you will need to send from, and whether you need to send only or also receive and log replies, as well as the price comparison.
Check out these 2, and text me what you think!
SMS Magic Basic 

Tip #3 Video of the week – “Slightly less than two drinks”
Something you should remember at the Christmas parties (and the Dreamforce parties) is not to drink too much! However there is a theory that a small amount is actually perfect for suceeding in business and in life. Dubious? Please enjoy this clip from British favourites ‘Mitchell & Webb‘ (but beware there is some strong language).