Tip #1 – MVP ThrowDown clip

Here is a video of a session I attended which introduces a number of the key community gurus in Salesforce, where they get to grill some of the key product managers from Salesforce. Its good to put a face to some of the names you see on the blogs, forums, podcasts etc. It also shows a bit of bravery on behalf of Salesforce and the Product managers!

Tip #2 Free App of the week – ‘Financial Times News Feed’ 

I have mixed feelings about recommending this App, mainly because I only gave it a 4/5 review, and if it was possible that may have been reduced to 3.5/5. However, on the positives, its free, easy to install, and it provides some great headlines and links to relevant and up-to-date articles from the Financial Times. Personally, when I look at this on an Account record I would like to instantly search on that Account, not have to type and search on the Account Name…it is obvious I want to search on that, because I am looking at it. Am I being harsh? Give it a try and tell me what you think!
Tip #3 Have you tried turning it off and on again??

A great resolution on the Answers forum this week, where the user resolved the issue after a reboot. It’s a magical thing, and it reminded me of the great British comedy The IT Crowd. Just for fun, here is a clip to help you on a Friday.