Tip #1  Ready to plan for Dreamforce 2014?
It may seem a bit early to think about this, but for the first time next years date was announced at the end of this years Dreamforce. So you can plan now for

                               **October 13-16 2014**

You do not have to pay for your ticket now, but if you pre-register at this link you can lock down the $799 price now.

Tip #2 How much will the full Dreamforce 2014 trip cost?

If you are the person responsible for budgets, and assuming you don’t live in downtown San Francisco, then cost is going to be a huge importance in justifying the trip! For DF13 there was a site where you could aim to justify the cost, although I am not sure how successful this was.

The best case scenario is:
– Your company is a sponsor of DF14 (so you may get a free pass)
– You live locally, or can borrow a couch
– You have minimal travel costs to San Francisco

The realistic case for many, especially for those travelling from outside of US, and those sole traders like myself:
– You book early and pay $799, or you buy it last minute for around $1200
– Flights from the UK even booked early will be £700 (and you can only fly direct from London Heathrow)
– 4 days mid-range accom booked early will be £600. But you need time to adjust to a possible 15/20+ hour journey and 8 hours time difference, so I would suggest a minimum of 6 nights.
– Salesforce will feed you throughout the day, and many of the sponsors will feed and water you during the dancing hours. So thankfully you dont always have to spend lots of cash outside the event.
– Do remember that, if you are self-employed, you have also just taken a week of unpaid leave! So factor that in to the cost.

As well as sponsors, also session presenters are offered free tickets. So why not choose a subject you know well, and offer to present it as a DF session? That is my intention for 2014, drop me a line if anyone is interested in working together!

Finally, if Salesforce is ‘your thing’ and you think you can find the cash, just go for it! It is the must-attend conference for your industry, and if you put the effort in, the investment will pay back in one way or another.

Tip #3 Youtube video of the week
Everybody at DF was moved by the stories from the Keynote from the Prime Minister of Haiti Laurent Lamothe, and former model Petra Nemcova. It was very impressive that so much of this Keynote speech was dominated by the work that the Salesforce Foundation do. Here is the clip that I promised I would share.