Tip #1 Lessons from Dreamforce ’13

There were over 1100 sessions at Dreamforce this year, and despite my best efforts I only covered a tiny percentage of those. Most (if not all) are starting to become available on Salesforce’s YouTube channel, which I will talk about more in the next few weeks. But here are a few grandiose topics that are worth an initial mention:
– The Salesforce 1 Platform
– Salesforce 1 – Admin App
– Superpod – Here’s an interesting view of it from Forbes.
I will be chairing a panel discussion in Manchester, UK, next week on these topics and more at the North England User Group.

Tip #2 Free App of the week Dataloader.io

So this is not a new app, but one that has been my default data load tool for some time now. I always used the Apex Data Loader (i have installed around 20 different versions of it on my PCs and laptops over the years!), and when new tools came and went, Apex Data Loader ALWAYS WORKED! However, it is time to give way to the cloud based Dataloader.io, there is nothing to install, just a website that links perfectly to your version of Salesforce. I am sure many of you will have converted already, but if you haven’t now is the time! Plus, if you are wanting to try some data manipulation for the first time, this is a good tool to try out (no coding, just clicks).

Tip #3 – Dreamforce in 3 minutes
For those that missed out, here is a short clip of Dreamforce, and proof that it even rains in California sometimes!