Tip #1 Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc in Salesforce
The easiest way to integrate social media with Salesforce, is to use the standard functionality of ‘Social Accounts and Contacts’ which is available to just about all Editions (check here if you dont have them). It is pretty easy to set up, just go to Setup/My Personal Setup/My Social Accounts and Contacts/Settings and select the social media you want to integrate. Here is a quick video as a summary.
Do remember though that the integration will link your own LinkedIn Account, Twitter Account, etc to Salesforce, and so can only see the people that you can access via your account already. For example if a Facebook user has privacy settings that stops ‘non-friends’ and you are not a friend then you wont be able to see their details. But still its a useful tool.

Tip #2 App of the week – ‘List Browse’
Thanks to Simon Edwards for pointing this one out to me. This FREE app allows you to choose a number of records from a list view, then work through them as you need, navigating, viewing, updating, all whilst being able to move backward and forward through the list of records.
Take a look here at the App listing.

I survived Dreamforce’13
For an Englishman abroad, DF’13 introduced me to a new friend, its name is Tylenol. Good fun was had by all, great presentations, everybody left feeling super-motivated!! I will be bringing a lot of ‘lessons learnt at DF13’ to my User Group next week, and hopefully lots to pass to you all in the coming weeks and months. Hope you enjoy them, and thanks for reading!