Tip #1 Force.com Utility Belt (Google Chrome extension)
I have highlighted a few useful Google Chrome extensions in the last year or so, and this one from Jeff Douglas (SFDC hero to us all) is another great one for Salesforce users.
Take a look at the details on Jeff’s blog here, or install it to google Chrome here.
As with other google Chrome apps, it allows you to click on an extra button while you are in Salesforce, and lets you access all sorts of shortcuts and features. The Force.com Utility Belt includes links to blogs, codes, forums, etc, a keyword search, and the excellent ID converter.
If you want to look into Chrome extensions further, here are 2 other blog posts about it:
Salesforce Sandbox Favicon
Salesforce Quick Log-in As
Tip #2 App of the week – Private Appexchange
This week’s App of the week is a little different…it is not free, and it is not for everyone (“Thanks Phil, see you next week) but hold on, I think it is still pretty interesting. The Appexchange has become so popular with over 2000 Apps and over 2million installs, it is now offering that service as an App itself. Your company can set up an Appexchange of their own, to store, distribute, review, and discuss apps that you use internally. Take a look at the Private Appexchange listing here, and have a look at this short video.

Across the pond
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