Tip #1 Updates from Dreamforce’13
Next weekend  I will be off to San Francisco, selflessly helping others by picking up a bag full of ideas and tips from Dreamforce’13, I am doing this all for you, honest! There will be too much to add to the blog or the email, so follow me on Twitter @SFDCphil for live updates on new features, new Apps, and which is the best Dreamforce party.
Hopefully the trip will give me enough tips to keep me going for some time!
Tip #2 App of the week – “Quote of the Day”
Here is a nice freebie App from MintCRM here in the UK, its called Quote of the Day. Add this component to your side bar, and you can see a daily quote on the left hand of your screen, from inspirational leaders such as Samuel Johnson, Vince Lombardi, and Bernie Clifton.

Tip #3 Feedback from previous review of Object Converter App
2 weeks ago I reviewed the Object Converter App, which can convert any object record into any other object record. There have been some install issues that the support dept have not responded to, so here is another Free App that may be useful for some of you. It is called ‘Opportunity Unconvert’, take a look here and tell me what you think.