Tip #1 Embedded Analytics

One of the new features in Winter ’14 is a way to add report charts direct to your records, see the screenshot below:

Embedded Analytics example

Users can now get the data they need right on their most-visited pages, without having to go to the Reports tab. You can embed report charts in record detail pages for any standard or custom object.

Here is a link to some further notes from Salesforce Help

Tip #2 Erm… which Layout am I using?

When Clients have hundreds of users, or when they have had numerous Sys Admins tweaking their configuration, the Page Layout Assignment can get very messy. With one Client (you know who you are), it took so long to figure out what Page Layout I was looking at that I had forgotten what I was trying to fix!? So one Tip I always use, is to look at the Page Layout via the ‘Force.com Quick Access Menu’. (If you dont know it, hold on a minute).

When you are on a certain record, just click the Quick Access Menu on the right, and choose ‘Edit Layout’. And it will take you to the Page Layout that you were looking at for that specific record, press save and it will take you back to that record. Firstly it saves you clicks, secondly it saves you having to look at what Record Type the record is, what Profile you have, and what Page Layout Assignment that would show you.

Force.com Quick Access Menu screenshot

If you dont know it, go to your User record, and click in the checkbox ‘Force.com Quick Access Menu’. Then, as above, when you are viewing a record, just click to open up the menu on the right hand side of your screen.