Tip #1 Don’t be afraid of formulas

There are a lot of ways that you can use formulas in Salesforce, and they can help you create really useful fields and data. If you have ‘the fear’, take a look at this short clip as an introduction to formulas, then in future weeks we can move on to the tough stuff.


Tip #2 App of the Week – Object Converter

Sometimes I find a free App which really surprises me, and Object Converter is one of those Apps! There is a lot of work that has gone into this App, and it could save you an immense amount of time and effort if you have this type of requirement. So well done to Pankaj Raijade from Pune, India, for creating this and then giving it away for free!!

“Using Object Converter you can convert any standard or custom object to one or more standard or custom objects with a single click of button or link”

A standard functionality in Salesforce is to convert a Lead into an Contact/Account, suppose you wanted to do the opposite, and click a button on a Contact that took it back to being a Lead? (This has been a real request, so I hope at least one person is jumping for joy right now). Or if you wanted to do a similar function between some custom objects? Then Object Converter is for you!

User Group update
I am very happy to announce that my User Group for the North West of England has now been ‘upgraded’ to cover all the North of England. The next event will be in Manchester on December 4th, then in 2014 we may have to organise some events around the region. If anyone is interested in hosting an event, presenting, or sponsoring, then drop me a line. And if you are interested in getting notifications please log into this Chatter Group.