Phil’s Tip of the Week

Tip #1 Dreamforce Agenda builder

If you have your Dreamforce ticket booked, then you want to make sure you book in for the sessions you want to attend. These went live yesterday (6AM San Fran time) and some sessions were booked up within 30 mins! Log in to your Dreamforce account  and click Sessions, and get some booked in.

There’s your reminder, but the second useful thing to know is that…some of the booked up sessions have already been moved to bigger locations, so dont panic quite yet! If a session you want to attend is full, just bookmark it and take a look back after a few days.

Tip #2 Free App of the Week – ‘User Field History Tracking’

One limitation of Salesforce configuration is the ability to track what has been changed on the User object. Take a look at this new App called User Field History Tracking . Its free and easy to install.

Tip #3 Idea of the Week

With the arrival of the new Winter ’14 release of Salesforce, comes lots of new features and functionality. Lots of this comes from the MegaBrains inside Salesforce, but also from people like you and me!

If you find that a feature is missing, or something that could be enhanced, you should log it here . You may just find that other people love it and it becomes a feature of the next release!

One idea that I logged 3 years ago, still gets regular votes and comments. See what you think here (“Case Assignment checkbox – Hidden but selected“) Vote it up or down as you want! And while you are there, take a look at other Ideas that people have logged, and vote for them as well if you think they would be a good enhancement.