Phil’s Tip of the Week 4th October 2013

Tip #1 Winter ’14 is here, do you know when?

So the Winter ’14 release is upon us, generally this weekend or next… Do you know the exact date? It will depend on your instance of Salesforce (look at the first few characters of your url!). Well have a look here  at the schedule dates (and also other useful maintenance notifications).

Tip #2 Winter ’14 is probably here soon, are you prepared?

So now you know the ‘when’ do you know the ‘what’? Hopefully at least ONE of you read my previous post summarizing the 300 page Release doc (if not take a look here). But here are some short youtube clips  on some of those functionalities.

Winter 14 youtube clips

Tip #3 App of the Week – ‘ParentFixer’

This App sounds like something you vowed to do when you were 13 years old, however this FREE App could be more useful in your adulthood too. When you finally get around to cleaning some of your Account records, and you merge some parent accounts, you can find that the merged child accounts get left parent-less. It is quite surprising that this functionality has been left to a free app to point out this issue, but at least once identified, the lovely people at CRMFusion have provided a free solution. So now with Parent Fixer when a parent account is merged, the children are re-parented to the master account.