Phil’s Tip of the Week 

Tip #1 Where’s my picklist value?
This is a question I have faced a few times on the Answers forum, or when supporting users and Admins. The scenario is that 2 users, with the same Role, Profile and Permission Sets, are editing a picklist field on similar records…but they each see different picklist values available. “How is this possible”, the Sys Admin cries into his 4th beer. I’ll tell you in next week’s email…
Only joking, the answer is ‘Record Types’. For example, if you have set up 2 Record types (‘CEOs’ and ‘Supermodels’) on the Contact object, the picklist values can be different for records assigned to each one. So you can have a picklist field called ‘Interests’, for CEOs this should include ‘Global domination, & unimaginable wealth’, for Supermodels this should include ‘World peace, & small dogs’.
Go to Setup/App Setup/Customize/Contacts/Record Types, and click ‘CEOs’, then scroll down to ‘Picklists available for editing’, choose ‘Interests’ and choose the 2 relevant picklist values from ‘available’ to ‘selected’.
Done. Now the 5th beer is a celebratory one!


Tip #2 youtube video – How a user can change their own personal settings
Here’s a 3 minute video which you may find useful for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it shows you, as a user, what you can change yourself. Secondly, as a System Admin, this can help you see the settings that might be changed and tweaked by one of your users. This can be useful when you are trying to troubleshoot an issue, e.g. “where is my Activity related list”. Some of these can be overridden by the Sys Admin, but it’s still useful to be able to look through the user’s point of view sometimes!


Tip #3 App of the Week – Skype Click-to-Call for Mac and PC
There are a few free Skype apps on the Appexchange, this one seemed the best one when I tried them all this week. The ‘Skype Click-to-Call’ app is free but you will need to have a Skype account, and you then pay for the calls you make, but they are generally good value (especially for international calls). When you click on the phone icon of the Contact/Lead/Account, it initiates the Skype call, and takes you to a New Activity page so you can log the call while you are making it. There could be some improvements, but its the best of the bunch in my opinion.