100th App review!

I reached a new milestone this week, of reviewing my 100th App on the Appexchange. So my Tip this week is to share with you some of my favourites. So, in no particular order, and based on my own experience and feedback…

Phil’s Top 10 Appexchange Apps:

  • AppExchange Dashboard Pack . Need some useful reports and dashboards to get you started?
  • Field trip . Know which of your fields have been populated (if ever!), to clean up your config and delete fields that are never used.
  • Vertical response . One of many Mass Email apps out there, but VR has been around for a while, it is reliable and especially good for start-ups and SMEs as there is no set up cost (you pay per email only).
  • Multiple web 2 lead –  is a free App which enables you to get around the standard limit of one web-to-lead configuration, very useful.
  • Most non-profit organisations that come to Salesforce with consider the NonProfit Starter Pack, so it is well worth a look. Many charities will install this app then never tweak Salesforce again, but if you have some time and resource then you can just use some of it, or parts of the NFP suite of Apps.
  • Unique Entry. Realtime de-dupe tool, it will seek and display possible duplicates as you type.
  • Desk.com. A great way to integrate the Desk.com support desk functionality into your Salesforce Leads and Accounts.
  • Vaykay. Manage your employee holiday and sick days with this new App.
  • Popup Alerts. A good way to alert a user of some important information, every time they view a particular record.
  • Ring my bell . This App is a good bit of fun for living up your sales dept. The Sales Bell rings every time an Opportunity is won.

North West User Group – FULL
Thank you for all your interest and support in my new User Group! All tickets are now taken, 2 weeks before the launch event, and after already moving to a larger conference room. If you want to join the cancellation list, please drop me a line direct. For those of you attending, I visited Malmaison this week, and you are all in for a treat!

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