1 Tip and 1 Free App…

Tip #1 – youtube clip on changing some Salesforce User Interface settings

Here is a Video from Salesforce – ‘How to Change the Look and Feel of Salesforce for Your Company’. It is just a
short clip, but I would recommend watching it. Over time the User Interface has changed a lot! There are new
settings added each release, and unless you are as geeky as me, you will probably have missed at least one
function! (Ok I admit it, I missed one! But I am not telling you which one!)

App of the week – ‘Vaykay’
I am approaching the milestone of my 100th App review! This week I found this free app which you may find
useful. Its called ‘Vaykay’, (it actually took me a while to realise this is short for ‘Vacation’ ?!), and it is
a great way to log time off taken by your employees. You can log sick days off, or log holiday requests (which
can be built into an Approval Process, so that any request can be signed off by a Manager).

Any finally, a big thank you to everyone at BSI Global for a great year of working together. Its the end of my
part of the project, but there are some great things ahead for you. Thank you for making me welcome, its a great
company with a great ethos. Thanks especially to Igor, Chris, Valeria, Rei, and Becca (and Senthil).