1 Tip of the week + 1 App of the week + 1 great invite to Phil’s SFDC party!
Tip #1 Winter ’14 Release is on it’s way!
As you know by now, Salesforce launches a new Release 3 times a year, the handover is seamless, and there are always useful features for every User. The good news is that you now have the link to the release notes here, the bad news is that they are 309 pages long. I am on holiday this week, so I will try to read through it before next week’s email, but here are a couple of items that I spotted:
  • Ability to set up workflows in the user object
  • Freezing user accounts
  • A new Salesforce Edition called ‘Performance Edition’, get your wallets ready!
  • New Price Book functionality to create lookup relationships, and customise search layouts
  • Further enhancements to Salesforce for Outlook, including bringing back the ‘Send and Add’ button.

Winter 14 logo

Tip #2 – App of the week – ‘Multiple Web2Case’
Ok, my 88th Appexchange review was for an app from a company I have talked about before Teravision Technologies, from Florida. A while back I recommended a free app called ‘Multiple Web2Lead’, now here is another freebie that you may find useful ‘Multiple Web2Case‘. Both these apps are designed to overcome some of the limitations of standard Salesforce functionality, and they are worth checking out!
Don’t be afraid to just go to the Appexchange and search for something that you need, you may find that someone else has resolved the issue already, and over 800 are FREE!

Tip #3 – For the Brits
Here’s a reminder that I am hosting the first North West UK User Group in Manchester (England) on Thurs Sept 26th. In the UK, most of these events happen in London, so lets back this event and remind people that there are a lot of other big cities in Britain that are leading the Cloud Revolution! I am happy to bring this event around the region, so drop me a line if you want to invite us to your city! (North/Midlands of England, Scotland, Wales). Here is the link to register attendance (did I mention lots of free beer and Malmaison burgers?)