1 Tip of the week + 1 App of the week – Hope you find them useful!!

Tip #1 Monitoring the Workflow Queue
If you are using workflows with time dependent actions (for Enterprise Editions and above), you can use this workflow queue to view the pending actions, and also cancel them if necessary. Just go to Setup/Monitoring/Time-Based Workflow. Also take a look here for some notes.

Tip #2 – App of the week – ‘Autocomplete Lookups
In my quest to become the first person to review 100 Apps on the appexchange, I come across lots of apps that I find useful. Some are for a specific scenario for a specific Client, some are filed away for future use. This one was perfect for a question somebody had raised on the success.salesforce.com/answers forum. Its a paid app, so trial it first in your own Salesforce Org before you pass over the credit card.
Autocomplete Lookups by Tapp.ly, is designed to speed up manual data input by turning your lookup fields into ‘suggest as you type’ fields. The app is pretty new to the market, and being the first to review it I found some early teething problems. But the support guys were very fast and responsive, and they have since resolved the issue, and added a lot more helpful into to the Appexchange listing (see here).
The useful thing that helped to resolve the original question from the forum, was the way you can search for other fields on a record, not just the lookup field name. So if you were typing into an ‘Account Name’ lookup, and wanted to find ‘Salesforce.com Inc’, you could also type in ‘San Francisco’ and you could choose from a number of possible San Fran Accounts (note, you would have to configure this to act in that way, but its v easy).
FYI – As you probably know by now, I am totally independent of any App providers or service providers, and indeed of Salesforce.com themselves. I take no commission, so therefore my reviews and opinions are purely based on my own experience and knowledge.
Tapp.ly Autocomplete lookups