Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the week – 2nd August 2013

2 Tips this week that can really make you become THE fountain of knowledge of all things ‘Salesforcey’.

Tip #1 “Is that an error, if so, if someone fixing it??”

Sometimes there will be issues within any system, and even though it is rare, is of course no exception. Sometimes, even the most experienced of us will find an issue that we can not solve, or see something that just does not seem right. You can spend a weekend trying to resolve it, or… you can take a look at this ‘Known issues’ site. Salesforce keep this very up-to-date, you can search on specific areas or by date to find if your issue is on there, then see the fixes as they come in. See Known issues 

Tip #2 Get certified! 

There are 2 reasons to get Salesforce Certifications, first to get a nice shiny logo, and secondly to actually learn something! I have been using Salesforce for nearly 10 years, and when I studied for my Advanced Admin (ADM 301) last year I was surprised to see topics I did not know! (Shock horror). Most of us will only use a fraction of the full potential and functionality of Salesforce, because if our Client/Boss does not need it, we probably will never look into it or learn it. Don’t worry that’s normal! But to get the shiny logo, you have to learn it all.

I will add more about the different certifications, and how you can study for each one in future blog posts. But your main 2 options are to either go on a Salesforce training course then take the exam, or study at home and hope to pass it on knowledge and experience. Either way, make sure you look at the relevant study notes so you make sure you cover ALL relevant topics. And then remember that you have to pass a short exam 3 times a year (1 for each new release of Salesforce) to keep your certifications valid.