Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week – 26th July 2013
3 Tips for you this week, hope you find them useful!

Tip #1 Service Cloud Training

If you are considering using the Service Cloud, or if you are wanting to learn more then here is a great resource for you. It is a long and detailed 2 hour youtube video covering how to get started with the Service Cloud. I’ll be honest, I have not made it through to the end…but I plan to take the Service Cloud Consultant exam later in the year, so its one I will revisit.

Tip #2 Selecting Random Numbers and Records on the Platform

Here’s a pretty interesting blog post about selecting random records or numbers in Salesforce. Warning, there is some code in here, so if you are easily shocked…

Click here

Tip #3 ‘Gone fishing’ 

I am off on a mini-holiday this weekend to Bruges, a beer paradise apparently! So here is a well timed blog post about what to do when you are the only Sys Admin and you are going on holiday (from Becka at Force Behind the Force, @sfdc_nerd).

Have a great weekend, glug-glug.