2 Tips for you from sunny London today.

#1 Chatter Polls

Invite colleagues to a Group and ask their opinion (you may regret it). As of the Winter ’13 release you can now canvas your colleagues via Chatter Polls. These are also available on Communities, so here is a screenshot of one I used last week…

Chatter Poll example


#2 Google Chrome Add-on

I have blogged about Chrome Add-ons before, and there are a few that are specific to Salesforce functionality, so here is another Google Chrome Add-on called ‘Salesforce Sandbox Favicon’. This extension is handy when you use the same browser for Sandbox environments as well as Production. It will add a ‘S’ icon in the top tab of your browser, so you can instantly see whether you are working in a Sandbox or Production, so no more excuses!

Any finally, for those of you in the UK, here is a link to the NEW NorthWest User Group, join in the conversation!