Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the week – 12th July 2013

This weeks Tips email comes from Bristol, while I make my way back home after visiting the great guys at Desynit, and the Forcewest User Group. The event was a great success, as was the visit to the Cider Barge afterwards!

Tip #1 – How can we alert Users that they are looking at an important record in Salesforce?

This issue arose last week, and I found a couple of options that we can use:

– The simplest is to just add a custom Checkbox field to that object, then tick the box on the relevant records.

– If you want something more noticeable, create a formula field which shows a traffic light, flag, or other image, whenever that checkbox is ticked.

– And finally, a great new Free App is ‘Pop-Up Alerts‘ . This will show you a pop up message on fields, which the User has to click ‘Ok’ on before they can proceed…so you cant miss it!

Tip #2 – Blog and Forum links

As promised at the SouthWest User Group last night, here are some of the Blog and Forum links that we discussed.


Forums: – Ask questions to fellow users, who will often help, but remember some blog etiquette (don’t over-ask, don’t tell people to rush, remember to thank them, mark the answer as best, etc). – Ideas exchange (suggest new enhancements, vote and comment on your favourites, Salesforce reviews these ideas and sometimes develops solutions based on them)    – Dev/Coding related discussion board.  – A relatively new Developer forum with question & Answer format.     A great technical resource.