Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the week – 5th July 2013

To celebrate the (re)launch of the Salesforce Community, here are some related Tips and suggestions, hope you find them useful!

The NEW Salesforce community

Last weekend saw the re-launch of Salesforce Ideas/Answers/User Groups using the Salesforce product called ‘Communities’. Take a look at the new functionality here  There is a new user interface, a combination of features from other sites, plus new features on existing functionalities. You can now ask and answer questions (under the ‘Answers’ Tab), log and vote on Ideas (under the ‘Ideas’ Tab), join and follow User Groups (under the ‘User Groups’ Tab), and get involved in discussions using Chatter Group functionality (under the ‘Collaboration’ Tab).

The Ideas Tab 

So while we are looking at the new Community, lets have a think about why it’s worth bothering adding Ideas, or voting them up or down. Well the main reason is that Salesforce actually look at these Ideas! Of course the more votes an Idea receives, the louder the voice we have. Many of these Ideas are actually implemented by Salesforce (see each set of release notes, and my reviews of these in previous posts). Ok, so now the big question, why would you vote an Idea up or down?? Well the honest answer is ‘there is no set criteria’. You can be selfish and say ‘I want that too, so lets vote it UP’, or ‘I don’t need this, it will just make my life more complicated, so am voting it DOWN’. Or you could take the wider view that ‘I can see the person requesting this really needs it, so I am going to vote this UP to help them have a voice’. I would welcome you thoughts on what your criteria is, and maybe I can add this to a bigger post on the subject.

The User Group Tab

If you have not been to a User Group event yet, here is your chance. Click on the ‘User Groups’ tab, and look for a venue near you. The interactive map is still to be updated with all locations, but go to the listings and somewhere near New York and New Zealand…is the North West User Group. Click on there, or wherever is your local group, and click ‘Ask to join’. This functionality uses Communities, and Salesforce Chatter Groups to manage this all nicely! Well done to Matt Brown (@mattybme) and team for all of this!

New Salesforce Communities