Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the week – 21 June 2013

3 Tips this week, hopefully something for everyone (well, for everyone who wants to know about Salesforce stuff anyway)!

#1 Great Developer resource

Take a look at the Developerforce technical library, for sample bits of code, and documentation for Developers.

#2 Tags

Here’s a handy functionality that has been around for a few years, the ability to ‘Tag’ records on an individual or group level. There are some impressive ways to over-engineer this, but sometimes you just want to highight a number of records such as ‘My top 10 Accounts’, or ‘Leads to work on after lunch’. You can come up with your own Tags (Private Tags) or Tags that are company wide (Public Tags). Go to Setup/App Setup/Tags/Tag Settings to enable it.

#3 Chatter usage

Ok so finally I am starting to use Chatter in a bit more depth (or my Clients are), so its about time to find out some stats about who uses it, what posts and groups are most popular, etc. So here’s a FREE app that you can install which will show you all relevant Chatter reports and a nice dashboard. You can find it here 

And finally, thank you to the London NonProfit User group, who invited me to be a part of their Salesforce experts panel. And a big thank you to BSI in London, who invited me to their Summer bbq yesterday, their hospitality is surely worthy of one of their own Kitemarks!
(Phil and colleagues at the BSI ‘Summer’ bbq, with the 16 storey British Standards Institute in the background)
BSI bbq