Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week

A short post this week while I am on holiday in Yorkshire…

Permission Sets

When you want to add a permission to an individual rather than to a Profile (which could cover many users), you can  use Permission Sets. They were introduced in the Winter 2012 release, and have been very popular especially for medium to large companies. One example that I have come across regularly is where you only want to give the ability to export reports to one or two people. You could set up a new profile for this, or as happened in the past, clone the individuals current profile add ‘export reports’ and save it as something like ‘Marketing Profile with export’. But you can end up with many different Profiles with a small number of users using each one. If you use Permission Sets you can limit the number of Profiles, but still tweak the permissions for individual users.

Here’s a good Salesforce Blog post on this subject.

And just for fun…

Just for those of you who wonder what a holiday in Yorkshire is like, here is a bit of fun from a 1990’s comedy show in UK.