Tip #1

Lets start this week with an old favourite, but one that some of you may not have seen. If you want to change your fields to be something more striking and graphic, you could choose to show a picklist as a traffic light image by using the following formula:




“Green”, “/img/samples/light_green.gif”,

“Yellow”, “/img/samples/light_yellow.gif”,

“Red”, “/img/samples/light_red.gif”,


“status color”)

Change ‘Lead_Rating__C’ to your picklist name, and ‘Green/Yellow/Red’ to your picklist values.

There are several other versions of this you can play around with, take a look at this guide to Advanced formulas!

Tip #2

This week, after several question from some of you about ‘how do we send out mass emails’ I decided to use myself as a guinea pig for you, and so this week I am sending out the email via Vertical Response. Lets try it for a few weeks and I will add some extra feedback as ‘interesting things’ happen…or don’t, we will see!

I have used Vertical Response with Clients in the past, it integrates well with Salesforce, and now has this InstaEmail Template machine, which generates a template from the images on your website. If you are on my mailing list tell me what you think! (And if your not on the list, drop me a line with your email address).

Hopefully I have not confused too many of you by sending out the email early this week, note this does NOT mean that it is Friday and that you can all go out to the pub!

Have a great week!