Here’s an issue that came up in conversation this week with my new friend from ‘across the pond’…

How do I delete a user?

Good question, basically you can’t delete a User, only deactivate them. There are a number of reasons why, and its generally because if that person has done something you generally ALWAYS want to keep a record of it, good or bad. So if a particular Opportunity was ‘Last Modified by X’ you probably should always show that. If you deleted that person totally, then that Lead would either have to show that it was not modified, or modified by an unknown person. Some other admins suggest that you could also give the inactive user and inactive Role/Profile, and perhaps also change their email address to leftthecompany@leftthecompany or similar.

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For my UK buddies, here’s some dates for the diary:

Salesforce Essentials events

June 6th 2013 Edinburgh

Jun 11th 2013 Manchester*

Jun 12th 2013 Birmingham

Jun 13th 2013 Reading

Jun 18th 2013 Dublin

Jun 26th 2013 London

*I will be at the Manchester event, and would love to speak to fellow Users about arranging a local Salesforce User group. So drop me a line and lets say hi.

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