2 big news items for you this week. First some info about the latest release, and second is the launch of my Salesforce.com Blog…

It will soon be time for the next Salesforce release, Summer ’13. The release notes are squeezed into 264 pages, so I have read them and summarised them, so you don’t have to!
Summer ’13 Highlights:
– Customizable Price Books. With Summer ’13, you can customize fields, page layouts, record types, validations etc.
– Enhancements and fixes to the Salesforce for Outlook Panel
– Chatter Answers extended to more users
– Fine-Grained Sharing for Report and Dashboard Folders
– Sticky Dashboard Filters
– Record Types in Permission Sets
– Owner Fields in Custom Formulas (This is from an Idea on the IdeaExchange that I voted on some time ago, so good to see this in!)
– Approval Process Deployment Enhancements, so they will be available to move between Sandbox and Production via Change sets.(This is also from an Idea on the IdeaExchange that I voted on in 2012, so it shows that votes do count!).

For the full release notes go here

Depending on your ‘instance’ of Salesforce, the releases are between May 10-17 for Sandboxes and June 7-15 for Production.

Phil’s Salesforce Tips Blog!!

After many requests I have now added all the previous tips, plus many more to my blog. I am also adding App reviews, SFDC event details, useful formulas, etc. As with these emails, there is no selling, its just free tips and pointers to help us get the most out of Salesforce!

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Please drop me a line with any thoughts, comments, requests etc!