Some people travel to exotic places, some love extreme sports, but my new hobby seems to be reviewing Apps on the SFDC Appexchange. Just posted my 41st  review! These are all Apps I have used over the past 9 years of using SFDC, or of new Apps that have caught my eye. If possible I will take a free trial (or pester the provider until they give me a free go!), then have a play with it in my Developer Org. I try to view it from the point of view of all of my previous Clients, would they find it useful, would they find it worth the cost (of fees or also of setup time).

I try to be careful not to promote Apps, unless they are free, as this is a ‘help’ blog not a sales blog! But there are some great paid apps out there, so I will review them for you, then you can take a look yourself and make up your own mind! As you probably know, I am independent from SFDC or any of the App providers. I dont take any commission, and won’t pass on any of your details. I just want to help you find the best and easiest ways to improve your use of SFDC.

To see my reviews, go to this link and click next to Reviews And if you have any Apps you want me to review, just drop me a line!