Salesforce Tip of the week – 5th April 2013

You can communicate a message to all your Users by using some very simple tickertape functionality. You can do this from the home page by adding a custom component. Here is how you do it:

Go to Setup/Customize/Home/Home Page Components/New

Name the scroll bar and chose type of ‘HTML Area’

Click on the ‘Show HTML’ box and Copy and Paste the example code below:

<marquee><font> “Remember to review Phil on the Appexchange – go to and click Write Review” </font></marquee>4

Click Save. Remember to add this component to a home page layout for this to be visible.

And finally…Become a part of the Salesforce Foundation, and help a not-for-profit group. See

PhilWaltonConsultancy is proud to volunteer at several UK charitable projects, providing guidance and support in their Salesforce implementations. It really helps them achieve their goals, and makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside! Win-Win.