Salesforce Tip of the week – 15th March 2013

There are often issues with importing characters from different languages into Salesforce, especially when you need to convert an Excel file into a .csv file in order to use the Salesforce wizards, dataloader etc. For example, when you try to convert an excel file with Chinese lettering to a .csv file, many of the characters will appear as ‘???’, which is not very helpful!. Here’s what you need to do:
– Go to the Excel document and check everything is ok, then click Save As, and under ‘Save as Type’ choose ‘Unicode Text’. Then close the document.
– Open that document in Notepad, then click Save as, under Encoding, choose ‘UTF-8’, in Save as Type choose ‘All Files’, and in the file name end the name with .csv (so instead of testimport call is testimport.csv).
– You are now ready to go to the import wizards or Dataloader
Note, In the wizard, in step 9 (usually it is this number, but may differ by Object and version etc) choose the option of ‘Unicode(UTF8)’, to pick the correct character encoding. Then continue through the wizard as normal. In Dataloader, go to settings and choose the UTF-8 options.

Hope that helps!


Have a great weekend!