6th March 2013

After last week’s mention of Formulas, I have had some feedback asking me for more. Apparently when Stephen Hawking wrote ‘A brief history of Time’ he was told that “every formula you add will half your readership”. So to help you get through this one, I will add a second tip this week, which includes a way to get free beer!

Tip 1 – Last week I mentioned the ISCHANGED formula, ISCHANGED kicks in when you have clicked the Edit button and are in the process of changing the record. So in this example below, it shows when you are changing Status, AND the Record Type is … , then the error message will occur.



RecordTypeId =”012300000001ABC”

Learn a few formula types and you will be well armed!

Tip 2 – The London Cloudforce event was announced this week, for 2nd May. It’s usually a huge event, but this year they seemed to have scaled it down a little, not sure why but its still 3000 people strong! Of course we go for the Keynote speech, the breakout sessions, and the Expo. But have a free lunch, and more importantly free drinks reception from 5pm. Prizes for the most consumed (or so I like to believe!). There you go, I promised you free beer if you made it through the whole email…

Salesforce Customer Company Tour 2013