The recycle bin can be very useful when you have clicked Delete by mistake, or deleted the wrong duplicate in a hurry. The recycle bin contents are available for 15 days, but only if you have stuck within storage limits. However even if you have reached your limits (Your recycle bin record limit is 25 times the Megabytes (MBs) in your storage), you may find that a record stays in for a couple of hours before being wiped. So if you make an error, be quick!


You can search the recycle bin to find your deleted record, but there are certain limitations on querying those records. As newly Certified Senthil Kumar of BSI discovered, you can export the recycle bin via DataLoader (or, choose the IsDeleted box or Include Deleted in Advanced options. Or if you have some Developer skills like Senthil, use the Workbench tool (more on that one in a future Tip!).


Recycle bin pic