Clicks V Code…

There are 2 ‘schools of thought’ when it comes to how to develop your Org, these are ‘Coding’ or ‘Configuration’.

Here is a resource from each side. Button Click Admin blog by Mike Gerholdt Discussion Boards –

Personally I ALWAYS start with the Clicks option! By this I mean the configuration that you can do under the Setup/App Setup menus in Salesforce (specifically Customize, Create, Deploy and of course installing Apps which dont need any further coding!). I have completed pretty complex projects quite happily without writing any code!

However if you get the Dev 401 certification, you will be aware of where those limits are reached and where you have to move on to code.

Visualforce and Apex open up a whole new world of possibilities, I have seen some fantasic coded functionality and projects, so I am not wanting to put people off this route! Initially the choice probably comes down to requirements, skill sets, and other resources. But it is always worth planning long term also…do you have the resource available to manage the coding, or will your in-house administrators only be able to use clicks config to make updates?